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About Citizen Safety Tech Zone

You probably want the same things in life that most people want: a nice home, a loving family, a comfortable income.  In fact you may already have all of that.  More likely though, you're still working toward it just like the rest of us.  

No matter how close you are to that goal, you also realize that you need to protect the things that are part of your life along the way.  More importantly, you want to protect the people that are in your life: your family and friends.

At Citizen Safety Tech Zone we understand that because we share the same need!

You need to feel safe whether you are travelling a long distance or just running a few errands around home.  You want to feel safe when you're at work or away so that you'll be able to get home to the ones that are so important to you.  And you really want to be sure that they will be safe and secure while you're not there.

We get that, and we're here to make your safety a reality!  At Citizen Safety Tech Zone you will find quality answers for all of your personal safety and security needs.  And you'll find it at a price that's good for your budget. 

After 33+ years in Law Enforcement (all of that time as a street cop) I have seen just about everything that can threaten your safety and security and disrupt your life daily.  I know what it takes to make you and yours as safe as possible. 

And that is my pledge, to give you the best quality, variety, options and prices available anywhere to make a safer and happier life for you and your family!