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  • Mace Defensive Sprays

    An emergency self defense companion for when you REALLY need to make some time to escape from danger!

  • Mace Pepper Gun Demonstration

    The Mace Pepper Gun has several advantages when used for self defense.  It is small, so it can be concealed easily until needed.  The size insures it will fit and feel comfortable even in smaller hands.  And it has the familiar feel of a gun for aiming and discharging.

    Pink Mace Pepper Gun

    Silver Mace Pepper Gun shown loading cartridge

  • A Quick Start To Self Defense: Pepper Spray

    In the world we live in today, it seems that everyone who wants to be safe in their surroundings needs to have a little personal protection.  Maybe you have also felt at times that you need to have just a little edge over the “bad guys” who you run into from time to time?  You might decide to take a self defense course or study some martial art form to increase your self confidence and ability to defend yourself when the time comes.  That’s a good step in the right direction, but it has some drawbacks too.  The problems are usually time (1), time (2) and time (3).

    First, if you already have a busy schedule, where will you find time (1)?  A quick evening, or maybe even a weekend self defense seminar might help.  But really, how much do we retain from a one time class like that?  Not enough to be consistently safe.

    The second option is to take up some form of martial arts.  Again, this is a great way to learn how to handle yourself in a serious situation.  But let’s face it, unless you have a regular block of time on a consistent basis, you’re probably not going to make this one work either.  If you were lucky enough to have started when you were young, you might be pretty well set for this.  But unfortunately, most of us haven’t done that, and make-up takes a lot of time (2).

    The third time problem, time (3) is that to be really effective at any method you need to practice and update your knowledge on a regular basis.

    Many years ago, I took a 10 week college Phys Ed course in Karate.  One credit meant one class, 75 minutes per week.  That's a total of 12.5 hours.  That was the last time I had time to spend like that.  And what do I recall from that class? During the last class period the instructor gave these words of wisdom:

    "If you actually find yourself in a situation where you need to fight, the person who first picks up something to use as a weapon is probably going to be the winner". 

    Not exactly the total wisdom I planned to take away from the class.  But it's what I remember most.

    I’m not saying that these are bad things to do, nor that you shouldn’t do them at all.  But what I am saying is that maybe there is something out there that can give a “quick start” to your personal defense outlook.

    There are some handy and effective devices that can quickly tip the scales in your favor when you find yourself in a threatening situation.  One of the best is the handy pepper spray dispenser.  If you’re not familiar with pepper spray and how quickly it can take a bad guy out of the picture long enough to get yourself safely out of harm’s way, now is the time to consider it.

    Important points to consider are where you plan to carry it so it’s quick and easy to get hold of in an emergency.  Maybe you will feel more comfortable if it is on a key chain, attached to a purse, or even in a small holder in a pocket.

    Also, what type of pepper spray will suit your needs best?  Will a spray be best, or will a gel work better for you?

    Stay tuned to this blog and we'll answer those questions and many others along the way!

    At Citizen Safety Tech Zone we can assist you to find the right solution at the right time.  We are always ready to help make your part of the world safer! We have over 900 items, including a wide range of Pepper Spray dispensers that will suit your needs!

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