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The Zebra Trigger 18,000,000 Volt Stun Gun


The Zebra Trigger 18,000,000 Volt Stun Gun flashlight with wrist strap disable pin by Safety Technology has a unique trigger design for easy operation and a Lifetime Warranty.

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Detailed Description

What Makes The Zebra Trigger Stun Gun So Incredible?

The Trigger Stun Gun is an incredible superior self defense weapon for all of these reasons:

  • Handling: The Trigger Stungun is a perfect size even for the smallest hands. At 4 5/8" long x 1 3/4" wide x 7/8" thick its ABS plastic body with convenient finger grips fits securely and safely in any hand.
  • Visibility: The super bright 100 lumen flashlight will blind any attacker or it can be used as an everyday flashlight. Our eyesight is such an important factor in personal safety, and this light works to enhance that advantage.
  • Power: 4.8 milliamps and 18 Million volts of pure stopping power will put up a wall between you and your attacker, giving you enough time and distance to safely escape danger.
  • Reliability: The charge on the nickel-cadmium battery can last for up to 3 months depending on usage.
  • Convenience: No need to keep track of another charger since the recharger prongs are built in to each unit.
  • Safety: This is the most important advantage of all. With the disable pin strap securely wrapped on your wrist, even in the unlikely event your attacker is able to take the Trigger Stun Gun away from you, it will be useless to him.  It won’t work after the disable pin is pulled out of the gun!

The Trigger Stun Gun is actually available in 7 great colors: Zebra Stripe, Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Purple and Green. They will all fit your needs!

Whatever color you prefer, Buy Your Trigger Stun Gun Today!  It's an incredible deal and perfect for your safety as well as for your friends and family!

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